Going to the nations…

Hello Friends!

Greetings from Redding, California and Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM)! As we have been sharing in this blog, God has invited us on a crazy adventure of experiencing new places in Him and being equipped to empower others to say “yes” to His invitations for adventures of their own. I have seen and experienced Him move in mighty ways already while here. Things are shifting and changing inside and I know He is molding me and growing me in ways I did not know were possible while using me to impact others in ways I did not know was possible.

As a part of my schooling, I have been invited to join a team and be sent to Jamaica in March. I am SO excited!! You see, a few months ago, while sitting before the Lord, I heard Him tell me to love the face He puts in front of me. I take that as my mandate. So it is no surprise that a part of the mission put forth by the leaders of this team is “to love the one in front of us well and show the Father’s heart towards them”! You see, in this school an important part of learning is doing, actually living out the power of His Presence within resulting in changing the world around me.

Jamaica trip icon

God has placed within me a desire to go to the nations and make a tangible, lasting difference in the lives of others. My team’s desire is for the beautiful people of Jamaica to experience the encounter with Jesus that their souls are longing for as we engage in a passionate pursuit of His Presence. We will be bringing Kingdom culture to the churches and taking it to the streets. We will visit a children’s home where we will engage, teach and empower the kids to experience the love of their True Father. We will encourage and partner with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) while there as well. We fully expect to see many saved, healed and delivered and the island rejoicing in the radical love, grace, peace and joy poured out on them. The Kingdom of heaven truly is at hand!

There is no way I could be walking this path without the support system you are to me. Knowing you are for me, praying for me, encouraging me keeps me moving forward and helps me through the hard days. Thank you.

If this is something you believe you can invest in, I invite your financial support. The total cost of this trip is $2200. I have paid the deposit bringing my balance to $1980. Any amount, no matter how big or small, will be meaningful and greatly appreciated. You may do so by mail or online. The link is: https://trips.ibethel.org/transactions/new/6073 . Just follow the prompts. You will be sent a contribution letter for tax deduction purposes at the end of the year. If you wish your gift to be anonymous, simply check the anonymous box. If online giving just isn’t for you, you may write a check to Bethel Church with a note designating your gift “Vickie Tilley, Jamaica Trip”. It may be mailed to: Bethel Mission Trips Dept; 20 Lake Blvd.; Redding, CA 96003

I’ll keep you posted on the wonderful things God is doing through your partnership on this glorious adventure to the nations! Together, we will change the world!

Love and blessings!


Rick Says Yes (The other side of the story)


I wanted to start recording my perspective of the events that led up to our coming to Redding, Ca. to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. It’s kind of hard for me to believe at times and I’m sure it’s hard for some of you who know us as well, maybe even more so. You haven’t seen, heard or felt what we have over the course of time that has led us here. Most of you that know me, know that I am not usually one to seemingly stand in the face of logic as to some it would appear I have now done.

I’ll throw in some of my earlier testimony to set the stage. I started my relationship with God at the age of 15 with a dead spot between 16 and 22 years of age. During this time I got myself into a lot of stuff I shouldn’t have and hit the lowest point in my life. In early 1982 I realized that I had separated myself from God and I needed Him back in my life. Not knowing how to make that happen because I was biblically ignorant, I went to the only place that I knew of that anyone was even talking about God. That was the preachers on TV. I remember being on my living room floor crying like a baby as a TV preacher finished and said that I needed to find a local bible believing church to get into. I told God, if that’s what He wanted me to do, He’d have to show me where to go because I didn’t know anyone that went to church. That next week on the construction jobsite that I worked, (where I’d never heard anyone talk about God in over 3 years) someone asked me to church. I don’t really remember for sure but I must have been dumbfounded and looking skyward. I, of course, said yes because this must have been God and this, to my knowledge, was probably my very first answered prayer!

Well, I showed up that Sunday as promised and in this little church of about 35 people, I was the center of attention. You have to know that I was very much an extreme introvert at this time and the attention was very uncomfortable but we finally settled into a church service. It started with some singing with about 10 folks in a small choir loft all seeming to be looking at me. One of those people was a young girl with a great big smile. She smiled at me the whole time. Later, she would introduce herself to me. Her name was Vickie. Less than 7 months later I married her. We have been together for over 32 years now and she has been with me for this entire crazy ride with God that we have been on.

We’ve had and raised two great kids on this trek and served multiple churches in various capacities from teacher, to deacon, to elder and finally to associate pastor. Always looking for more. Looking to find those same miracles from a real live supernatural God that I was reading about in my bible. Over the years God would keep me going and help me to believe that there really was more, even if I didn’t see it in the church I was currently serving in.

Somewhere about 5 years ago, our Pastor introduced us to a teaching CD set that someone had left for him. It was from Bill Johnson and titled “Healing, Our Neglected Birthright”. I heard a man talking about God really healing people when folks would pray for them. And it wasn’t just once in a while! It was happening all of the time! About 6 weeks later in July we were walking into the Bethel church in Redding, California for the 1st time. We were there for a “Hem of His Garment” healing conference. What we saw challenged us in many ways that I won’t go into here for brevity’s sake but the one thing that we could say without question was that this tree, had fruit on it. The kind of fruit I and we had been searching for all of our adult lives. There were miracles there, real bona fide miracles. God was at work partnering with this people. We tried our best to discover the secrets that made these people special that week while we were there and we did learn some things.

We realized the importance of the intercessors and the prayer ministry at large from our time at Bethel. So, once we were home we established a team of intercessors and Prayer Servants to pray for our church and for people who needed a touch from God. Later, we started a Sozo team to bring inner healing and deliverance. These people have been amazing and have poured out their lives to free others with great successes.

The learning continued and the fire of hope burned a little brighter. People were getting healed and delivered but it still wasn’t enough. God had shown us so much that our expectation only grew. We wanted more.

God had begun to show me that His original assignment for man right there in the Garden of Eden had never changed. He still wanted to partner with man in displaying His heart and consequently His Kingdom to the earth and everything in it! We have been told that there are many things that God has done in the earth that have passed away. There has been a focused effort from the enemy of God to convince us that the glory days are over, never to be seen again. That isn’t what Jesus said. He said in John 14 that we would do even greater works than Him! To clarify, if you do greater things than Jesus, that means you’re going to do things that are not even in the book! Satan doesn’t want us to believe these truths about God. There is only one who is trying to steal, kill and destroy and that is not God! He came to give life and to give it in abundance. Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy. So, how do you know if it’s God? Does it bring reconciliation? Does it bring abundant life? Does it express the nature of Gods love? That’s how you tell the source. That was worth good money right there! Sorry, didn’t mean to get all preachy.

Anyway, the point is that God really does want more for all of us! That’s why we we’re looking to find out where God was working in miracles and in those signs that make you wonder. If you want to find a fire, you look for the evidence of fire, smoke and the light of flames dancing. We came here because there were miracles taking place amongst a group of people who expect to live a life that is supernatural and to do it naturally. We not only came to learn but we realized that we needed to be changed. To live this everyday requires us to abandon old thinking that held us back.

We have always wanted to get back to Bethel for more but frankly because of my own limited thinking, I never even dreamed about the school there. I had thought about going to another conference or two. I had even thought about coming for a few months as a church leader to watch and to sit in on all that I could just to get a taste of the culture that we were reading about and watching through iBethel.tv.

But we would never be able to go to school as students! We didn’t have the money to start with. I didn’t want to leave my kids either. After all, it was for my kids and the church we were a part of starting that kept me in Paducah in 2004 when my employer desired to transfer me to Louisville, Ky.

So, in my mind coming to school in Bethel was not at all possible. But, then we started getting prophetic words from people that “saw” us there. Even our Pastor said to us that somehow he saw us at Bethel. Down deep I started to think, maybe, just maybe. Vickie was really getting into spending time with the Lord on a regular basis with her journal in hand. As she told me about those times, I began to realize that God was up to something. God had to settle the issue for both of us to make this possible. Now, my wife, who was normally the cautious one, was ready to go. But I was not. I had all of the reasons previously listed and more to work through first. Of course, the most important being that she had gotten her word from the Lord but I had not yet. I kept asking. One night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, lying in bed I asked Him again. He answered me! In a most unexpected way. He said, “Your word is to believe her word.” What!? My word was to believe her word! As I thought about what He said, it actually made sense for reasons I’ll not go into here. Let me just say that He knew that my wife needed to hear support from me and God was providing that too.

Pastor John had started to have regular meetings with his spiritual father, Rick Clendenon, and I was occasionally invited to sit in with them. John had decided  because of our situation and the decision that we were contemplating, it would be a great idea to give us his time with Rick if we wanted to talk it over with him. Vickie and I agreed to do so and that Thursday morning on August 14, 2014, we sat down for about 3 hours and talked. It was really an amazing time. As we talked he brought out knowledge from the scriptures as well as some plain old West Kentucky common sense. He had spoken several things like “to step into another room you first have to be willing to leave the room you’re in”. Seasons of life are just the same. There were times that Vickie would speak from her journal and it was startling the times that the same phrases that Rick C. had spoken were almost exactly the same as the things Vickie had written down long before. This had to be God at work. It finally came to a point that I realized that I either had to tell God yes, or tell Him no. There were really no other choices. So, I told them all that they were witnesses and I said, “God, I am saying yes!” The tidal wave came in and things instantly started to move! With the help of fantastic friends and great family, in 17 days we had packed up a house of 17 years, painted, repaired, sold some things, gave a lot away, put the rest in storage. We said goodbye to those we love dearly, whittled our life down to a car and a 5’x8’ U-Haul trailer, traveled across the country and started school in Redding, Ca. September 8th2014090195090726

To say the last 3 ½ months have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. Our lives have undergone tremendous adjustment and we have met some pretty amazing people. We have found that God has been working similarly in the lives of others. This confirms to us that God is up to something and we are honored to have a part. This is not for us alone but it is for you as well. Your journey may not look like this. It probably won’t. The point is not simply to be “here”. It is, however, to fulfill Jesus’ desire as He prayed, “on earth as it is in heaven”. We’ve come to inspect the fruit, to be pruned, fertilized, and learn to grow more excellent fruit. Then we will share that fruit and be better equipped to help others experience the same. We love you all and miss you terribly. Thank you for following us on this journey.


Taking a Leap of Faith


As we drove across the country in our little Camry, it and a 5’x8’ U-Haul trailer held all of our life we would bring with us to school. Things were starting to become VERY real. It seemed as we passed each state line the landscape would change drastically. We felt as though we were crossing entire countries. Even Wal-Marts were different. (Yes, we stopped in a few Wal-Marts along the way!)

As we drove through miles and miles of crumbled mounds of rock, empty of trees and grass, I thought of the contrast to Kentucky’s rolling grassy hills and forests. Green mown lawns were replaced by brown tufts of grass and rocky dirt. A different land, indeed. Long about New Mexico, I stared out the window and thought of Abraham gathering up his wife and belongings and journeying from his home country to a land the Lord would show him. I’m not saying we traveled to some sort of promised land but we are obeying the prompting of our God to leave all that is home and “go”. And He is fulfilling a promise to us.

I was reminded of the morning after we had our interviews as part of the entrance process to Bethel School, BSSM. If you recall, applying to school was our RSVP to God’s invitation. Following is my journal entry for that morning,

August 12, 2014

We had our interviews for BSSM last night. We took our step and are pretty sure we are accepted. – Now it’s God’s turn in this dance. What is the next step?

I awoke this morning with all the “impossibilities” rolling like huge ocean waves in my mind. I thought of Peter walking on the water and the world of circumstances raging around him demanding his attention. Then I became thankful that the one thing I have he did not at that time is the indwelling Holy Spirit.

As I lay in bed, trying not to freak out at all the-what ifs, a song began ringing in my head and in my spirit. It was the chorus of “You Make Me Brave”.

You make me brave

You make me brave

You call me out beyond the shore into the waves

You make me brave

You make me brave

No fear can hinder now the promises you made!

(No fear can hinder now the Love that made a way!)


As I listened to the song this morning I wept, I worshiped, I thanked Him.

Wave after wave crashing over me…

During our conversation that day, I asked Holy Spirit, “What am I to You?” He answered,

You are my vessel into which I pour myself and it is my good pleasure to do it. The project at hand is to increase your capacity so that I may pour more of Me into you because it is My good pleasure to give you more of Myself. You’ve asked for Me to increase your capacity. Request…granted.

After talking to me a bit about His understanding of what this leap of faith would require, He assured me:

You have honored Me in putting your foot upon the water. I will honor you by lifting you up and not letting you sink. I am your support.

So, as we traveled from state to state, gawking out the window at strange bare mountains, grassy mountains, windmill farms, wooded lands, deserts, plains, and orchards, we found comfort that we would be supported on the wind of His Spirit in the adventures yet unknown.

So, what are we doing? We are learning to become revivalists. We are learning how to walk in honor and relationship with others around us, recognizing the giftings and anointings others carry and how to work together to see others come to know the love of the Father for them. We attend lectures on Bible, prophecy, evangelism, giftings, purity, etc. We receive impartation and instruction of what these things look like practically when walked out in everyday life and in church life. Then we practice.

We attend extra classes offered in areas of specific interest such as Growing in Intimacy with God, Preparation for Leadership, Coaching, and Marriage. I hope to attend one soon on International Transformation which is Daniel kind of stuff and involves intercession and access to high places in countries foreign and domestic; or one titled Women in Ministry. Rick is aiming for one on Church Leadership. There are SO many to choose from! And they all have an approach of expecting God to move supernaturally within and without. What “on earth as it is in Heaven” looks like. That is our goal.

We also participate in City Service which is outreach. My assignment is Neighborhood Transformation. Each Thursday my team goes to a specific street, the same one each week. There we build relationship with the people we encounter offering to pray for them, making conversation, speaking encouragement and prophesying life to them. We meet individual needs along the way. If they are hungry and if we are able, we give them food. Last week one of the team members for another street went back over the weekend and took a family out to eat a meal and buy their barefoot son a pair of shoes. One gave a teenage boy a Bible which he hugged as they talked. This week I prayed for a woman’s friend and the mother of a colicky 2 month old. Both were glad to actually see that God was looking their way that day. Other teams do different things such as mentoring girls rescued from the sex trade industry, going into bars, partnering with the city to teach classes at job service or the YMCA, helping single moms with household tasks, etc. Rick’s City Service is Healing/Pastoral care (any surprises there??) He goes with a team to homes to visit with and pray for the sick. He’s also a huge encouragement to these youngsters we have found ourselves serving with. 😉 …still Papa Rick. And they encourage him.

These are amazing people we find ourselves serving alongside. They hunger for more of God and have a huge heart to see people saved, healed and delivered. Every week we, along with them, cross what we call “the chicken line” to step out and answer God’s invitation to take risks for Him which is active faith. When we do, He shows up! There really is power in the blood of Jesus. And it is still active today. And it looks like something. We owe the world an encounter with Jesus.

We love and miss you all! Thank you for loving us. When we think of you, which is often, our heart is full!

Rick and Vickie

Special Note:  Our journey has been made possible thus far by the generosity of many of you. Thank you. For those of you who desire to and can help, we do have needs coming up and the donations we received upon coming have now dwindled considerably. Please prayerfully consider what, if any, support you can give.

November 11th our final tuition is due:

Rick:       $1100    https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student=229967

Vickie:   $ 823     https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student=229968


November 18th the deposits for our mission trips are due. Mission trip donations are tax deductible and if paid directly to our account at Bethel, you will receive a letter of donation for tax purposes:


Rick:       $110 (total $1100)            https://trips.ibethel.org               Put in Rick’s name for your donation.

Vickie:   $220 (total $2200)            https://trips.ibethel.org               Put in Vickie’s name for your donation.

(I will share about our trips next time. Exciting stuff!)

We also have rent, utilities, insurance, gas and food costs. We also hope to come home for Christmas. Any help is greatly appreciated.

www.paypal.com            Select “send” from the top menu bar. Enter email tilleyterp@gmail.com and follow the prompts


If you have the “Cash” app on your phone, mine is linked through the same email as above.

If your bank participates in “Pop”, ours is also linked to tilleyterp@gmail.com

Our address is:

747 Flower Ash Lane; Redding CA 96003


Our Journey Begins

This first blog entry is a bit long.  I apologize for that. But, there are those who wish to follow this journey into the power of our yes and do not yet know what brought us to this place.  I wish to allow all who love us in on the beginning.

For those who have asked us and feel invited to help support us, the how-to’s are at the end.

I hope our story inspires you to take an adventure of your own. Father God enjoys inviting you to things and then making it happen!

Happy reading…

We have embarked on quite a journey with the Lord very much unlike anything we have ever done before.  And while it is somewhat new to us, it is not new to God’s way of doing things. It involves fulfilling the desires of the heart and it involves a leap of faith.

Rick and I have long pursued the “more” we knew that God has for His people, and for us. We have not been satisfied with God’s people rendered powerless and bound under the lies and attacks of the enemy when it is they who possess the power of God within.  We knew that the same power available to Jesus, who is our example, and to the disciples, Paul and all the believers in the early church is meant for God’s children to experience today.  As Romans 2 says, it is the goodness of God that draws men to repentance.  We are called to destroy the works of the enemy and that requires an understanding of our identity as dear children of Almighty God, His covenant promises are true and that He brings to bear the power to back it up. Our desire in this played a major role in our willingness to be involved in the start of Faith Center 10+years ago.

We had opportunity to see a glimpse of this power in operation 5 years ago when we visited Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  We saw first hand the sick made well, shattered hearts put back together and relationships restored in miraculous ways. Not in some sensational, manipulative service but, in simple faith and expectancy in the power and goodness of God, an atmosphere that honors His Presence both in others and in worship.  A seed was planted.  A dream was born to actively participate in bringing about the kingdoms of this world becoming the Kingdom of our God.


In October of 2012, we attended a prophetic conference at a church called The Warehouse in Franklin TN. Bill Johnson, senior leader of Bethel, was a major speaker.  There were worship sets before each session.  During one of those sets, I was thinking about how much of my life had already passed and how little progress I felt I had made toward my dream to participate in “the more” just described. In my mind’s eye, I saw a hot air balloon.  In the basket of the balloon was our speaker, Bill, and it was rising.  There were streamers hanging down from the corners of the balloon and I was grasping for them.  I SO wanted to be a part of the revival movement Bill and Bethel represented to me.  It was slipping from my hands.  I felt left behind and excluded from the great plan I knew God had for this time in history.  After that session was ended, we broke for lunch.  As we exited the building to go to our car, I noticed a group of people looking over the building behind me.  We joined them.  There, in this industrial park in Franklin, Tennessee, at that very moment, was a single hot air balloon.  It was descending to land in a small grassy area behind the church.  Here God was telling me I am not left behind.  Not only that, I don’t have to settle for grasping for dangling streamers  but, He will land the balloon for me to get in!  I had hope.

The following summer, Daddy God set up for me to learn what it is to sit before Him and just listen.  I began to hear Him say some pretty incredible things over me, the kind of things a proud Papa says over his child. Hope was rising. Then in January of this year, Jesus began to ask me at random times and in random places, “Do you trust me?” It was a whisper.  I knew the question itself was not random.  I pondered my hesitancy to answer.  It was as if I knew something was afoot. My answer would set something in action.

He began to speak to me-through sermons, books, prophetic words, conversations with Him and with others-about dreams I had put on a back burner.  At the same time, He was calling me to rest.  He was teaching me what rest in the midst of activity looks like.  There are many things in ministry that are fine to do.  They are not bad and He will go with us in those things.  But doing something because it is for Him or we because we feel we should  is quite different than doing things because He has invited us to do them.  I compare it to the difference between walking through quicksand and walking on water.  Some things are just harder to do than they should be.  I have come to understand that when God extends an invitation, there is an incredible grace that comes to enable you to do it and carries you through it.  Rest in the midst of activity is engaging in what He’s asked you to. Nothing more, nothing less. There is power and there is peace in the “yes”.  I hope at this point you are asking yourself, “What has God INVITED me to?” Well, ask Him!  Search your heart. Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of Kings to search it out.”

There used to be things I would dream about but, it seemed it was never the time or other’s dreams, or other priorities would take precedence. Like a loving father, He was telling me it is ok for me to have a dream of my own.  He places dreams in our hearts that He dreamt for us first. There was a dream I had pushed back as being not for now. It began bubbling to the surface: to go on a missions trip.  My heart always beat a little faster and a light would come to my eye when I would hear people talk about going on missions trips.  Something about rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty in making a real, tangible, right-now difference for someone while expressing the love of Jesus tugged at my heart. I was being invited to go…

Proverbs 16:9 A man’s mind plans his way, but he Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.

I had already been told that my contract at work would not be renewed for the coming fall. The expense of a missions trip did not make sense.  I felt Him prodding, “I’ve got this. Go! Follow your dream!” So, I took a step.  I signed up for a trip and paid my deposit knowing that outside of overtime or extra freelance work, I could not afford to go. Then Daddy God began to show up in very tangible ways.  People started giving for my trip even before I began asking.  I had planned on a substantial overtime job to pay a good portion of what was left but it fell through. “Put your wallet away. I’ve got this,” He said.  And He did.  Even giving me back my deposit!  Trust! People who knew my trip total was paid continued to give along with comments like, “You need spending money, right?” “You have incidental expenses, right?” Missions trip: paid in full! I had opportunity to play with orphans, teach them about the extravagant love of THE Father, feed the homeless and …realize it is not enough. No amount of resources, no amount of physical labor, opportunity or time is enough to alleviate the suffering in a permanent way. Things need to be shifted in the spirit. A Spirit of Sonship to the Father needed to displace an orphan spirit and the Spirit of Love Himself is needed to heal the ravages of civil war and fear on a nation and allow it to fulfill its God-given destiny. Is this what it means to disciple a nation? Is this an example of  where the “more” of God we’ve been looking for can be applied?

Then Daddy God began to ask, “What other dream do you have? What do you and Rick desire that is SO big you were afraid to put your finger to it? You’ve pushed it back so far and so deep and you won’t allow yourself to look at it? Your mission trip was a small thing for me. What is your desire?” Again, through dialog with Him, teachings heard, prophetic words, and soul searching it began to bubble to the surface. Don’t toy with me, God. I don’t think I could stand the disappointment if this isn’t real. Could it be?! But God, I don’t see how! But God, You’ll have to tell Rick! But God, but, but, but…And there it was. Before me, in my mind’s eye, I saw an invitation.  It was a big one, really nice as if for an extravagant, expensive event. The kind that comes with an RSVP. I felt Him say that applying for entrance to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry was checking off the “yes” on the RSVP so He could prepare a place for us at the table. When we arrived home that day, there was a check in the mailbox in the amount of registration for both of our applications. It was as if He was saying, “Postage paid”. He was smiling as we mulled over saying “yes” to this extravagant invitation.

Oh how we’ve longed to learn HOW to release the Kingdom of God in more powerful ways! To have more to give to the people He has sent and is sending to us for help. We’ve given all we know to give but always sure there is so much more available. What seemed so far off for us was now beginning to look as if it was within grasp. “The Kingdom is at hand…” and  “on earth as it is in Heaven” is more than pie in the sky by and by. It is to be a reality. In going, we can learn how.

Once we said yes to His invitation, wheels began to move quickly. People who love us more than we ever imagined put in blood, sweat, tears and money to help us sort through our life, pack it up, prepare things to sell or store, and get us started on our way, wishing us well through tears of joy, pride, inspiration, hope and sadness.

We’ve left our jobs, family, friends, church and home to say yes to an incredible invitation. We are risking everything.  We hang on to our Father’s encouragement in Luke 18:29-30, “And He said to them, I say to you truly, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God who will not receive in return many times more in this world and, in the coming age, eternal life.” He is faithful.

He carefully laid a foundation of trust He knew Rick and I needed. He proved that His invitations are sure and a yes is all He needs to bring all that heaven has to bear on our behalf…like hitting the ignition switch on an igniter. After waiting and growing and waiting and transforming and waiting and being faithful…He brought a suddenly!  Which, quite frankly, can be a bit scary.  It requires work to rest and refuse to look at the waves of circumstance and impossibilities that surround. But God. That’s it. But God. What invitation is He placing before YOU? What outside of your natural ability can you say yes to? Because here’s the thing: He isn’t just doing this for us. It’s for you, too.

He has used many of you to provide for us in this journey.  To you we say thank you! Some others of you have asked how you can support us or what our needs are. Pray! Pray for our strength, our mental capacity for all the reading and work, our emotional wellbeing as we forsake all that is normal and the closeness of family and friends, and please pray for our provision. We have new living expenses as well as expenses in the life we stepped away from. He promises bread for the eater and seed for the sower.  We need both.

However, we only want people to do what Father God is inviting them to.  We know He will bless you in your giving and supplies whatever is needed for His invitations. We hope the result is a harvest of your own dreams. Seed does bear the fruit of its own kind, after all. 🙂

IF you feel invited to support us on the journey financially, there are several options:

  • PayPal:  go to http://www.paypal.com, enter the email address: tilleyterp@gmail.com, enter the amount of your gift, select Personal Payments, Continue and then follow the prompts.  (there is NO charge for money sent between individuals)
  • Free Cash by Square is a free app.  Compose an email to tilleyterp@gmail.com; in the CC line type cash@square.com; In the subject line enter the amount of your donation. You may leave a note for us in the body of the email if you like 🙂
  • Donations sent directly to us: 747 Flower Ash Lane, Redding CA 96003 (We LOVE cards and letters from home!!)
  • Donations can be made directly to our tuition at :

https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student=229968  (Vickie)

https://my.bssm.net/donations/transactions/new?student=229967  (Rick)

  • Tax deductible donations can be made directly to our missions trips at:

https://trips.ibethel.org/ then look up our individual names

  • Through our POP account at our local California bank (if your on-line banking supports it)
  • Through Faith Center of Paducah

We’ll be making a MUCH shorter update soon of what it felt like crossing the country and what God said to us.

We love you guys!! And we are very blessed that you all are going along on this adventure with us! God Bless!

Rick and Vickie